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Business plans

If you don't have a plan, how do you know when you have reached your destination or achieved your goals?

It is certainly true in our experience that the businesses who have a clear plan and track their progress against this are the most successful in the long run.

A business plan is essential if you are looking to raise finance for your business and is strongly recommended for start up businesses. The level of detail in a plan will vary considerably for different businesses and many entrepreneurs will be satisfied with having a plan in their head or on a few sheets of paper. The format of the plan will also vary depending on who it is aimed at - for an external audience such as a bank or investor the plan may be presented differently than one prepared for your own use.

Typically a plan for an external audience will contain some background information about you and your business, your business goals, the management and their track record, your product or service and how these will be marketed and a three year financial plan. If you are looking to raise finance the amount you require and how this will be repaid should be included.

We can help you prepare a plan tailored to your needs. This could involve reviewing your draft plan and providing feedback on this or arranging some mini workshops with you to develop the plan.

Fees vary depending on our level of involvement and the work involved. We can generally propose a fixed fee in advance when a full understanding is gained of the scope of work.

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