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Bookkeeping & VAT

We can provide book keeping services, tailored to suit the needs of your business.

We will agree a routine to collect your records in the most effective way.

We will provide you with a receipt scanning app so you can send us copies of your digital receipts. You can also forward any invoices you receive by email. We will link these records into a Xero accounting package and automatically, securely link with your business bank account.

Your bookkeeping will be done in the most effective way, making use of the latest technology to save time and improve accuracy.

You will have your own secure login to access your accounts at any time, from anywhere with internet access.

You will have your own personalised dashboard to review your finances and we will provide a monthly or quarterly summary with key points and actions.

We will administer your VAT scheme for you and if required can prepare quarterly VAT returns.

Outsourcing your book keeping and management accounts gives you the peace of mind that your records are in good order and you are on top of your business finances. You will also benefit from being able to review your business performance on a regular basis.

Fees vary depending on the complexity and amount of work involved. Generally we would invoice on a monthly basis based on hours worked. If preferred, a fixed monthly fee can be agreed, payable by standing order.

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